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Here's what previous participants have had to say about it....

Thank you so much for having run this group. It has been a great opportunity to share and listen to others as they navigate the challenges out there. It's been most helpful sometimes just to be reassured from hearing about others having similar questions, issues, and challenges. It's also been helpful to learn a few new angles and approaches that help me to think in some other ways about some things. It's been a great opportunity to connect with others and share ideas
Kevin Fahey
I've found the group zoom chat sessions with Jacq very helpful. One of the challenges of solo consulting is the solo nature of the job. Being able to reflect and share lessons learned with other solo consultants was very helpful. The content was practical but also facilitated higher-level reflection. 
Dr Fiona Robards
I joined the group as I know Jacq has a wealth of knowledge and experience in public sector consulting and I wanted to learn from that. I found the sessions really helpful and motivating. I gained some practical tips that I can use as a consultant but one of the things I valued most was hearing from other people in the same boat as me - people that had made the move in to consultancy, people that had a vast and varied skill-base but that had similar questions and insecurities as me. It was great to learn from the other people in the group and to be able to contribute my own ideas and experiences. If you have recently made that move yourself, or if you’re thinking about making that leap, this group is definitely for you. 
Natasha Harding
When you’re a beginner in consulting, it’s hard to find a place to ask the basic questions. Joining the network gave me a chance to do that in a safe environment. Networking virtually with people in the same position was really valuable, and I learnt a lot of practical advice from Jacq that I’m confident I can put into practice.” 
Alison Starr
Thanks Jacq, I have really appreciated these zoom meetings and although I haven't been able to attend in person to all, except one, I have gained so much from the collaborative sharings and experience that have been on the calls. I have valued the discussion of topics that can affect the solo consultant and the different ways in which to counter or overcome any barriers that hold us back from sharing the awesomeness that we are here to bring! 
Marcia Owen
Jacq’s reputation as a consultant drew me to joining her Public Sector consulting group. I was confident it would be time well spent and I wasn’t wrong. Jacq created a community that was warm, open and safe. It served to lessen the isolation that can be felt in a consultant’s world. There were connections and valuable learning through shared feelings, experiences, thoughts, hints. I greatly appreciated Jacq’s generosity, the structures and processes she shared as well as the insights and experiences shared within the group. 

If you’re looking for a friendly, informal environment to learn, share, ask, give, this is one to be part of.
Charmaine Belfanti